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Based on a true story, this humorous retelling of the life of Jesus, focuses on the human nature of Jesus as he comes to grips with his divine nature. Other theological questions are featured as well. Was the wine at Cana a French vintage, or was it from California? Did Jesus smoke cigars? Did the Magdalene compose the Serenity Prayer? Did Mary, the Mother of Jesus, confect the grilled cheese sandwich? Did Jesus have a dog? Did one of the Apostles have Cerebral Palsy? Did Thaddeus really pluck his eye out? Does G-d have a La-Z-Boy recliner-rocker throne?

These and other earth-shattering questions are addressed that throw a new light on the Gospel stories. In fact, G-d himself recommends that you read this book. Jesus and the Holy Spirit also give the book a thumbs up.

Who was Jesus, really? There are many people willing to tell you. There are many people who say they have all the answers. Faith is too important to be left to the priests and pastors. Find the answers for yourselves. This book won't tell you everything, but no book can tell you everything. Enjoy.


Kurt J. Peterson, the author of Q: The Very First Gospel, is an utter fool and many such fools write their books. He has, however, written a book that is entirely different from what you will find on bookshelves. Most books about Jesus are overly pious, overly religious, and are so 'stone cold sober' as to miss the point that Jesus and his followers had fun. He was human, right? Humanity may be G-d's greatest joke. The Almighty surely has a sense of humor to create the likes of us, and then put up with us over the courses of our lives.


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