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Fiction Authors

Variety of tales and stories from North Dakota's best writers

Borden, William

Superstoe: A Novel. Harper-Row, 1968; rep., Orloff Press, 1996.

Boughey, Lynn

Mission to Chara. North American Heritage Press, 2001.

Brandvold, Peter

A prolific writer of western novels, a complete list of Peter Brandvold's books can be found here.

Chiaventone, Frederick J.

A Road We Do Not Know: A Novel of Custer at Little Bighorn. Simon & Schuster, 1996.

Dopson, Lorraine

The Light at the End of the World.  Angel Fire Press,  2002.

Dorgan, Byron L., and David Hagberg

Blowout.  Forge Press, 2012.

Gass, William H.

Omensetter's Luck. New American Library, 1966.

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country. Harper & Row, 1968.

Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife. Northwestern Univ.  Press, 1968.

The Tunnel.  Knopf, 1995.

Cartesian Sonata and Other Novellas. Knopf, 1998.

Henke, Roxanne

After Anne. Harvest House Publishers, 2002.

Finding Ruth. Harvest House Publishers, 2003.

Becoming Olivia. Harvest House Publishers, 2004.

Always Jan. Harvest House Publishers, 2005.

The Secret of Us. Harvest House Publishers, 2007.

With Love, Libby. Harvest House Publishers, 2006.

Learning to Fly. Harvest House Publishers, 2008.

On a Someday. Harvest House Publishers, 2009.

Henry, Gordon, Jr.

The Light People.  University of Oklahoma Press, 1994.

Johnson, Simon

From Fjord to Prairie Or, In the New Kingdom.  1923, rep. Nabu Press, 2011.

Keillor, Garrison

A Christmas Blizzard.  Viking, 2009.  (set in North Dakota)

Downtown Owl. Scribners, 2010

The Visible Man. Scribners, 2011.

Raised In Captivity. Penguin Publishing Group, 2019.

Song of Destiny.  North Star Press of St. Cloud, 2013.

Marshall, Brenda K.

Mavis. Fawcett Columbine, 1996.

Dakota, or What's a Heaven For. ND Institute for Regional Studies, 2010.

Mead Skjelver, Danielle

Massacre: Daughter of War.  Goodwyfe Press, 2004.

What Do You Do All Day?  St. Martin 's Press,  2005.

The Silent Sound of Darkness. Plotline, 2019.

Snelling, Lauraine

These books by Snelling are set in North Dakota:

Red River of the North Series (6 books). Bethany House.

Return to Red River Series (3 books).  Bethany House. 

Dakotah Treasures Series (4 books).  Bethany House.

Sobieck, Daniel

Mad Grass: A Warrior Returns

(Historical Fiction - Based on actual events that occurred near North Dakota’s Dog Den Butte). 2020

Tvedten, Brother Benet

All Manner of Monks (novella, 1985). 

Twingley, Jonathan

The Badlands Saloon:  An Illustrated Novel.  Scribner, 2009.

Winskye, Paula F.

Greener Pastures. Aonian Press, 2008.

Silent Stranger. Aonian Press, 2009.

American Boy: A Novel.  Milkweed Editions, 2011.

In a Dark Time. 1980; rep., Washington Square Press, 1998.

Justice.  Washington Square Press, 1998.

Laura. Washington Square Press, 2001.

Let Him Go. Milkweed, 2013.

Montana 1948. 1993; rep., Washington Square Press, 1995.

Orchard: A Novel. Random House, 2003.

Sundown, Yellow Moon: A Novel. Random House, 2007.

White Crosses. Pocket Books, 1997.

Beyond the Bedroom Wall: A Family Album. 1975; rep., Graywolf Press, 1997.

Young, Carrie

The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains. Univ. of Iowa Press, 1992; rep., 2000.

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