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Take a trip to the theatre as you read local playwrights

Anderson, Maxwell

Both Your Houses (won the 1933 Pulitzer Prize)

Winterset: play in three acts, 1935

High Tor, 1936

The Masque of Kings: a play in three acts, 1937

Knickerbocker Holiday: a musical comedy in two acts, 1938

Eleven Verse Plays, 1929-1939,1939

Journey to Jerusalem: a play in three acts, 1940

Lost in the Stars (dramatization of Alan Paton's novel Cry,  The Beloved Country, 1950)

Barefoot in Athens, 1951

Bad seed: a play in two acts (dramatization of William March's novel The Bad Seed) 1955

Dramatist in America: Letters of Maxwell Anderson. Ed. by  Laurence G. Avery, 1977.


Miller, Ev

Lifelong resident of Bismarck, he has had 30 plays published by 13 American publishing companies.  His play, The Incredible Years, won a national award in 1981.


Wheeler, L. Ray

Longtime member of the faculty at Dickinson State University, he writes essays, novels, short stories, and plays.  One of his best-known works is Buffalo-Alyce: A Play in Two Acts  (1989).

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