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Enjoy stories not only written but published by local authors too

Bliss, David

In From the Cold.  Big Hill Publishers, LC, 2010. 


Becker, Joe

December's Children. The Flame Imperishable.  J & M Printing, 2010.


Bergsgaard, L. D.

Where the Best Began: Stories of a Boy on the American Prairie. Dog Ear Publishing, 2012.


Bitz, Kari

People-Centered Prayer.  Tate Publishing, 2012.

Awakening America: Back through the Gates of Moral Decency.  Tate Publishing, 2013. 


Bruton, Georgia

Escape. Silver Knight Pub, 2012.


Collins, James

Collins Family Reunion. Lulu, 200 

Cowboy Prince.  Authorhouse, 2004.

Crash!  Lulu, 2008.

The Reverend Finds His Calling. Lulu, 2007.

The Reverend Goes Home.  Lulu, 2010.


Cook, Judy R.

If This Land Could Talk.  iUniverse, 2010. 


Daniels, Michael Kim

Mutiny: A Novel. WinePress, 2013.


de Celle, Marc

Close Encounters of the Fargo Kind: True Stories from a Kind, Happy Little Planet in America. 2013.

How Fargo of You. 2010.


Edick, La Vera

Four Score and More: My Memoir, History and a Family Legacy.   Trafford Pub, 2013.


Ekberg, William, and Susan Ekberg Risher

Dress Gray: The Life and Times of a West Point Cadet.  The Energy Center, 2010.


Ellison, Doug

Journal of a Mountaineer.  2010.


Flanagan, Bernice

On Golden Wings: A Spiritual Autobiography.  Morgan Printing, 2012.


Gardner, Kenneth C., Jr.

The Song Is Ended.  iUniverse, 2011. (Google eBook)


Gustin, Al

Al Gustin’s Farm Byline: Reflections on North Dakota Agriculture, 1974-2013.  2013.


Hanson, John

Below the Sky: Photographs of the High Plains. Northern Pictures, 2011.


Kraft, Bill

Kaleidoscopes: Shapes and Colors of Childhood.  2010.


LeoLynn, Kaekilia

Reflections....Lulu, 2010.

Dragon Diaries: Ascension. Lulu, 2011.


McQuade, Sam W.

There is a Road in North Dakota: Memoirs of a Dakota Budman. CreateSpace, 2010.

Hostile Takeover:  The Personal Story of a Family Business. CreateSpace, 2012.

Dakota Odysseus: At Home and Abroad.  CreateSpace, 2012. 


Messer, Myrna Miller

Remembering: A Town That Was.  BookSurge,2006.

Monson, Glory Ann

Huldre:  Journey of the Hidden Ones.  Mill City Press, 2011.


Moe, Marilynn M.

Patterns and Pathways.  Prairie House, 1994.


Pitts, Ryn

Deadly Benefits.  Smashwords, 2013.


Renner, Mickey

Sidewalk Thoughts. PublishAmerica, 2007.


Schmidt, Raymond C.

From the Farm to Fast Food: My Adventures During the Great Depression and Beyond. CreateSpace, 2013.


Smith, Frederic

The Baggage Room. Ahwipriebooks, 2011.


Smokov, Betty L.

Bikes, Trikes, Toads, and Roads: A Lifetime of Stories. AuthorHouse, 2008.


Tweed, Ruth  Jesness

A Little Lunch and More. Ruth Tweed, 2007.

The Crazy Quilt. North Plains, 1982.

The Ninth Year. Ruth Tweed, 2007.


Vetter, Tracy B.

An Average Schmuck Writes a Book about Running. CreateSpace, 2013.


Wehrman, Cecile

The Brothers Krimm. CreateSpace, 2011.


Winskye, Paula F.

Royal Entanglements. Lulu, 2008.


Winter, Abe

Memoirs of a Largely Unknown Sportswriter (except in North Dakota).  Abe Winter, 2010.


Wood, Rex Evan (Skip)

Truitt's Fix.  CreateSpace, 2011.


Ziniel, Dennis W. 

Deception in Dakota: Medora's Magic.  iUniverse, 2005.

Sea Devil Seven Seven: A Vietnam Adventure. iUniverse, 2006.

Self-Published Children's Books

Berg, Melvin

Uncle Wiggletoes & Susan Haywater: The Adventures of Two Rabbits.  2006.


Erickson, Mary Ellen

Snowstorm. 2005.

What Happened to the Deer?  2007.


Johnson, Colleen Row

Ice Cream for Breakfast.  2002.


Karn, Jim

Little Jimmy's Life on the Farm Stories.  2012.


Keller, Edward F.

My Mother’s Apron. 2001.


Kinnischtzke,  Kathy

Dad’s Best Present Ever! CreateSpace, 2012


Potulny, Janice Credit

Once Upon a Rhyme.  1978.


Rittal, Norma J. Heazlett

Dumpling. Lulu, 2009.


Schumacher, Jeanne

The Bull in the Basement.  Xlibris, 2008.


Thomas, Colleen

The Littlest Raindrop.  1996.


Vaagen, Crystal

Robbie Zero, Super Girl Hero.  (E-Book)

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